We Are

Bauke and Candice Brouwer founded Narrative Truth in 2013 and a new kind of production company was born. Creative, collaborative and super agile. This dream team is passionate about finding those moments that make a film.

Bauke Brouwer

Director / Editor / Content Creator

Bauke has that rare ability to make a real connection with total strangers. Almost instantly. This allows him to do what he loves really well. He is an experienced director, editor and scriptwriter, whose genuine positivity and passion feels contagious. There are no airs and graces. There is only the inspiring drive to create work that will complete the circle and make a real connection with the viewer.

Candice Brouwer

Creative Producer

Candice is that brilliant catalyst every film needs. Industry insider, master planner, constructive troubleshooter and creative problem-solver are but a few of the hats she wears on every film project. Add a shot of OCD to a collaborative approach, and you have someone who is genuinely enthusiastic about making her director and clients’ vision happen. But Candice’s real superpower is the fact that she makes all of the above seem effortless.